Top Wedding Themes for 2022 & 2023 Brides, Part One

What is the first thing couples should do when they start wedding planning?! Pick a theme. From rustic chic to Hollywood glam, there are so many different themes to choose from and ways to incorporate them into your big day. You may have heard that your first steps are to pick a wedding date and venue, but I’m here with an unpopular opinion: theme comes first! After all, it will affect what type of venue you choose and could even impact your wedding date (Christmas wedding, anyone?!)

Christmas wedding couple

But what kind of theme is right for you? I’ve rounded up the hottest wedding themes for 2022 and 2023 to give you some inspiration! If you’re planning on eloping, I’ve also included some on-theme destinations!



If you’re head over heels with the Netflix series Bridgerton and its romantic visuals, a Bridgerton-themed wedding might be perfect for you! Think: soft pastels, dainty florals, and lots of lace.

Where to go?

If you want to get hitched with this theme, consider an estate in the English countryside to fit!


Boho Beach

Want a beach wedding with an upgraded twist? Bring in bohemian elements like pampas grass, lots of neutrals, and crochet. Wooden ceremony arches in a variety of shapes are popular right now, and add a visual focal point in front of the sprawling ocean.


Ice & Fire

Maybe you’re dreaming of a winter wedding but want an unexpected twist? Punctuate the traditional blue and white color palette with pops of rust and terracotta. This one can fit into any venue, whether you’re thinking of a country barn, a grand hotel, or a beachy destination.


Desert Chic

There’s no denying that boho is in, so here’s my second bohemian wedding trend idea: desert chic. Think neutrals with pops of sage green, southwestern prints, and lots of succulents and cacti.

Where to go?

Arizona, Utah, and the rest of the southwest offer a variety of stunning locations for your desert wedding or elopement!


Fairytale Forest

Towering trees, elaborate greenery, and string lights make this whimsical theme come to life! Use natural wood decor and soft colors to bring this to life.

Where to go?

Why not the Redwood Forest in northern California?!


Game of Thrones

Don’t worry, your GoT wedding doesn’t have to be anything like the Red Wedding! Instead, consider lace, leathers, furs, and Celtic knot hairstyles that would look stunning in the Capital. Dark and moody colors fit well with this – and a groom in all black is always a winner!

Where to go?

There are a few options – a castle, of course, would be a great venue! You could also consider filming locations such as Iceland and Ireland.


Christmas wedding flowers


When choosing a wedding theme, it’s important to consider you and your hunny’s interests and hobbies, since you want your theme to be both meaningful and beautiful. After you’ve selected your dream wedding theme, start thinking about locations and dates. I can’t wait to see what you envision! If you need help, let me know!


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