5 Facts About Your Photographer

But first… see a little of what I’m all about!


Fact #1

I played Division 1 Lacrosse in college! My lacrosse journey started in 6th grade. After picking up a stick for the first time, the rest was history! I fell in love with the sport, and even after tearing both my left and right ACLs in high school, I stuck with it. I recovered from my second tear during my first year at Saint Mary’s College of CA, and had a blast the few years after playing with some of my closest teammates and friends still to this day!


Fact #2

I have a book published on Amazon! I’ve always had a love for fashion and style. I’ve taken fashion design classes, was involved in the Nordstrom BP Fashion Board and fashion clubs, and even started my own online boutique. During COVID, I decided to take this passion to the next level and write a book/guide on teaching women how to go through their closets and curate a wardrobe that fits their body type and personal style. I walk you through each step from beginning to end and have a notes section for you to follow along! I’m always down to talk about styling ideas you may have for your wedding or elopement so PLEASE share with me! I love it and love helping!!! #shopaholic


Fact #3 *How my husband and I met, the juicy story*

My husband and I met like in a Hallmark movie… here’s the story. I was a senior in college (northern CA) and had spring break plans that fell through, so I decided to ask family friends who lived in Newport Beach, CA if I could drive down and stay with them. They said yes! Connor (my husband) was stationed at Fort Irwin, which is a 2hr drive from Los Angeles. He had family who lived in Redondo Beach that he would stay with sometimes on his ONE long weekend off a month. Long story short, his one long weekend off and my last weekend of spring break happened to align. As a side note, both of us and our families happen to all be from Michigan, but we met in CA.

Okay… so the Friday evening of the last weekend I was there, the parents I was staying with asked if I wanted to go to dinner with them. I had no plans that night so said sure, why not. On our way they asked if we could make a stop at a friends house beforehand, so of course I said yes, why not. We get to the house and it’s Connor’s aunts house, but this particular weekend Connor’s family had all flown out from Michigan to visit him and I was walking into their family reunion. The mom I was staying with was friends with Connor’s aunt. I KNOW! Trust me I know. It gets crazier. I first walked in and saw Connor, obviously thought he was cute but had no idea how old he was or what the deal was so I totally got AWKWARD and avoided him while we were there because I was so nervous. SO what did I do? I talked to his mom the whole time instead! She was amazing and reminded me of my mom to a tea (btw they are bff’s now). I was introduced to him but didn’t even get the chance to talk to him while there. We left for dinner and I was left wondering and so bummed that I didn’t get to talk to him or have more time to try. I hoped throughout the whole dinner that we’d have to go back for some reason. Little did I know…

After dinner sadly we didn’t stop back so we went home.  I was getting in my PJs when I heard the mom I was staying with YELL my name from across the hall. Yes, YELL! She said, “Connor’s aunt texted me and told me that you should go back because he wants to talk to you.” BTW I had just gone on the worst date of my life the night before and swore off guys for life. I wasn’t sure about jumping back in so quickly but I was definitely intrigued. For the next 15min we went back and forth about whether I should go back and talk to him. Well… you know what happens, I mustered up the guts to go back to this strangers house (BY MYSELF I might add) and talk to a guy I didn’t know! I got there and almost had a heart attack after parking in front of the house I couldn’t believe what I was doing haha I was FREAKING OUT. I finally found the nerve to knock on the door and when his uncle finally let me in his aunt grabbed my arm and walked me STRAIGHT over to him like a 2yr old girl looking for the bathroom. (I was 22.) I went RED RED RED in the cheeks.

We talked all night, exchanged numbers, the next day he invited me to watch the Michigan basketball game with his family at a brewery (I went and met more extended family) (I also drove to the wrong brewery an hour out of the way and was really late LOL), and then the day after I wanted to see him so bad, (it was the last day we could see each other before he had to make the drive back to base), I again mustered up the guts to reach out to him and see if he’d want to meet. He said yes, AH, and so we met late that night at the beach and walked along the water talking for hours. We didn’t kiss, which was definitely because I’m so awkward I don’t even want to talk about it haha. (I later found out he had already driven an hour to base, but after seeing I wanted to see him turned around and DROVE BACK! Which he NEVER changed his schedule like that.) We Facetimed almost every day for a month until I could see him again on his next weekend off. He drove up to visit me at school and that weekend we decided to be together… the rest is HISTORY! We were long distance dating for 2 years and then moved in together when he was stationed in NY. We lived together for 6months and then got married last July 3, 2021. Next week is our one year anniversary! I love him more than anything and I think our love story is my favorite story to tell!


Fact #4

My family is one of the most important parts of my life. My parents have been married for almost 25 years, and I have a younger brother (24) and sister(22). As of my husband and I, it’s us and our little pup (not little, 85lb white german shepherd) named Chief. Good food, family, and friends are some of my favorite pastimes, which is one of the reasons why I love weddings so much; how they bring families together all in the name of LOVE!


Fact #5

My family has moved around a lot and traveled quite a bit. We’ve lived all over the US as well as internationally multiple times. I’ve been to 20+ countries and am always looking to add to the list! I’m an adventurer at heart and have a lot of experience so I JUMP at the opportunity to follow your love story all over the globe!


I hope you enjoyed those fun facts! I look forward to getting to know you just as well!


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