How to Choose an Elopement Destination

Mountain A-Frame Elopement

Can I tell you a secret? Okay, it’s not much of a secret… I love elopements! They are so much more personal and intimate than large weddings! Of course, if that’s your dream, I’m not knocking the idea of a big wedding, but there’s something so fun about a destination elopement! Just you and your hunny in a beautiful paradise… what could be better?! If you love the idea of an adventure elopement, but aren’t sure where to go, consider these 5 tips on choosing an elopement destination! 

Make It Meaningful

Do you and your hunny have a spot that has a special meaning to you? Maybe a favorite vacation spot, or somewhere that you hit a milestone in your relationship? You could also consider places where you or your partner spent a lot of time as a child. Is there a city, state, or country your family has history or roots in?

Follow That Dream

If you don’t want to elope somewhere you’ve been before, consider eloping somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit! What locations are on your bucket list? This is your big day – you can go anywhere! And when I say anywhere… I mean: Greece, Italy, San Francisco, Colorado, France, London, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland… the list is endless! 

Hawaii Elopement

‘Tis the Season

Which season do you plan to elope in? This will have a huge impact on what your elopement destination will look and feel like. For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to elope in Iceland? Well, do you want a luscious green backdrop or beautiful icy waterfalls? Planning a fall wedding, resplendent with warm tones? A tropical paradise probably won’t be for you. Depending on the time of year, certain locations will and won’t have the environment you want. 

Consider the Logistics

Some elopement destinations are simply easier to get to than others – especially now, with Covid restrictions on certain locations. You’ll also want to consider if you will need a passport or visa. Finally, don’t forget that some of the most beautiful elopement destinations are difficult to get to, whether they require a long hike or are secluded and don’t allow vehicles. I’m always down for any adventure you choose to go on with your hunny!

Ask Your Photographer

As an avid traveler, I’ve gotten the chance to experience some truly breathtaking places! Let me help you and your forever person pick a place that’s beautiful, meaningful, and works for you! You can check out my Instagram to see a few of my favorite places but know I’m always down for a new adventure!

Lauren Case, Lauren Snaps Photography

Wherever you choose to go, your elopement is an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime experience and I wish you the best day ever! If you’d like me to come along and capture the memories, I’d be honored. Feel free to reach out anytime


With love, 


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