Why You Should Consider Having a Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are definitely not a new thing, but they have recently grown in popularity and I’m here to tell you to just go for it! If you need some more convincing, keep scrolling to read my 5 reasons why you should have a destination wedding.

01. More Time with Loved Ones

For a traditional wedding, your family members coming from out of state will likely only stay for the weekend of your wedding. And you’ll likely only see them for a rushed rehearsal dinner and hopefully a couple of minutes during your reception. Opting for a destination wedding opens up so much time to spend with your loved ones. You can plan to spend a few days at whichever destination you choose leading up to the wedding for a fun family vacation.


02. Wedding and Honeymoon in One

After the wedding, the friends and family leave, and it’s honeymoon time! Imagine this, you get married have an amazing reception, dance the night away, and then you go back to where you’re staying where you’re already unpacked and settled in. No rushing to the airport after your reception, no travel stress on your perfect day, just enjoy the night with your new spouse! Trust me, the exhaustion will be REAL after your wedding and you’ll thank yourself for this one!


03. Save Money

Contrary to popular belief, destination weddings are actually cheaper than traditional weddings. Mainly for one reason, fewer people. Feeding and entertaining 100-300 people can get VERY expensive. Having only your close friends and family there will significantly cut your cost in just about every area including save the dates, invitations, food, chair and table rentals, decor, etc.


04. Freedom

Since you are cutting costs on mandatory payments like food, you are able to budget more money towards the areas of your wedding that you want to put more effort into like hiring a videographer, having extravagant floral arrangements, or maybe a dream dress! All these things that would have put you over budget before are more available to you with this freedom.


05. Why Not?!

Seriously, why not? You only get married once, so why not make the most of it? I personally have never heard anyone say they regret their destination wedding. It’s a chance to travel to a new place or maybe a significant place in your relationship and create new lifelong memories. Not to mention the photos! Your wedding photos are guaranteed to stand out on everyone’s Facebook feed. They will be something you can hold onto forever and say ” I can’t believe we got to do that.”


Are you convinced yet? If you are convinced and are ready to start planning, let me help you check one thing off your list, click here to chat about me photographing your perfect destination wedding. Let’s adventure together! For some tips on choosing the right destination click here.


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