Kristine and Dave’s Cape Vincent Barn Wedding

09/24/22 was a beautiful day in Cape Vincent, where Kristine grew up. It had rained a few days before, but the sun peaked out just in time and it was a stunning day. Could not have asked for anything better! Here is a little sneak peek into their day of celebration!

Getting Ready

Upstate NY Rustic Barn Wedding

Kristine loves sparkles and it definitely showed in her details and in their day! I fell in love the first time she told me her bridesmaids would be in gold.

All morning they were surrounded by so much love from their family and friends. It was so sweet and I had so much fun spending time with all their beautiful faces.


The men spent the morning hanging out and right before walking over to the venue all took group tequila shots! Shots, shots, shots, SHOTS! They had fun socks to show off and the Angel Rock Cottages were such an amazing location. I would highly recommend looking into staying here and their barn venue! It was beautiful. The house right next to the barn houses at least 12 I believe and had a beautiful kitchen and screened in deck. There was a playground right out back, a BBQ, everything you could need to enjoy the space with family and friends before and after your big dat!



First Looks

Dave did a first look with his daughter Alex, which was so sweet. Please take a moment to appreciate her GOLD SNEAKERS! So fun! After, Kristine came out for Dave to see her for the first time. The smiles were endless and they both were beaming.


Bridal Party

WAHOO! The bridal party! SUCH a fun group! I will say, I have never been around so many doctors in my life. I definitely felt safe.

They asked if we could take a picture of all of them on the playground. Obviously, I said YES! They had jewel toned flowers that were so stunning with the gold. Her florals were Florals by Vinnie!


Upstate NY Barn Wedding


Then we did golden hour photos down by the water and boy was it peaceful and so beautiful. I had no words. These two were so sweet and I’m so thankful to have spent this time with them.


Kristine and Dave did an amazing first dance I had to refrain from yelling too loud for them when he picked her up and spun her around I couldn’t believe it!!!! They had polaroids their guests took advantage of and everyone danced the night away. Their cake was so pretty, tasty too I might add (chocolate). The details were planned out so nicely. Their wedding planner was also amazing and made my day go so smoothly! If you’re looking for a wedding planner in upstate NY I highly recommend her Noble Weddings & Events.

Had to add this one in because am I getting Vogue or am I getting VOGUE! I love it when a group of gals asks for a badass bridal party photo. I will always say yes.

Last but not least, here are the polaroids I took and gifted to the couple at the end of the night for keepsake of their day! Polaroids are one of my new favorite additions to my wedding packages. It’s such a fun and sweet thing to take home with you right away.

Thank you Kristine and Dave for sharing your day with me. I wish you and your family all the best and an amazing trip to Canada this week!


If you want to know more about including me in your big day, reach out here.


With love,


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