Lauren’s Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Greece

I love Greece. The views, the history, the food! Greece makes an excellent destination for your adventurous elopement and will reward you with stunning memories (and photographs) you’ll love looking back on. I know that eloping abroad can be intimidating, so I’ve rounded up everything you need to know about eloping in Greece!


First things first: how to make it legal

Paperwork might not be the most exciting part of your adventurous elopement in Greece, but it is a necessity if you want to make it legal.

Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Greece

One requirement for marriage you might not expect? You must publish a wedding notice in one of the local Greek language newspapers a minimum of eight days prior to applying for your marriage license.

You also need a valid passport, a certified copy of both Birth Certificates with an Apostille stamp affixed, an official translation into Greek, and a Proof of Freedom to Marry with an official translation into Greek.

US citizens may be able to avoid the need for a Greek Marriage License if they have a valid Marriage License issued from their home state in the US (provided that it does not explicitly state that the license is only valid within a particular state or states within the US).  Alternatively, it may be possible to have the license amended to include Greece as one of the localities where the marriage may take place.

After you’ve gotten all your paperwork squared away, it must be taken in person to the Town Hall (Demarchio) or to the President of the Community (Proedros Kinotetos). If everything is in order, the Marriage License will be issued eight days later and is valid for six months for all locations throughout Greece.

Important notes: Civil ceremonies cannot take place at an archaeological site.  Ceremonies are typically conducted in Greek, therefore a translator may be required.  Two witnesses must attend the ceremony, and one may act as the interpreter if required. Sadly, Greece does not legally recognize same-sex marriages.


The fun part: choosing a location

Although you can’t get married at an archaeological site, there are so many stunning vistas. The hardest part of eloping in Greece will be choosing where to say “I do!”

Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Greece


is one of Greece’s most recognizable places, and might just be the most popular destination for eloping in Greece! The iconic whitewashed buildings with their blue domes will make a stunning backdrop for your Greece elopement. The island itself has endless bars, restaurants, clubs, and interesting sites to visit after your ceremony, as well as plenty of luxurious villas for your honeymoon.


is an island known for its dormant volcanoes – what a cool spot to say your vows, right?! The most beautiful landscape here is the Volcanic Rocks of Falarko, a field of uniquely shaped rocks formed by solidified lava. Picture saying your vows at sunset with the rocks glowing orange with the setting sun.


is known for its steep cliffs and crystal clear waters. Many of its famous white sand beaches are only accessible by boat, giving you intimacy and privacy for your Greek elopement. There are also sea caves, which are both fun and romantic to explore!


is located in central Greece, nestled in the Pindos Mountains. Lush green landscapes and huge rock formations make it look like something out of Jurassic Park. As you explore, you’ll find several medieval monasteries dotting the landscape. At the foot of the rocks, there is a small village called Kalambaka to stay in while eloping in this region.


is a beautiful island with many different landscapes and backgrounds. If you’re looking to elope on the beach, I recommend a Cretan South Coast beach: Ammoudi, Ligres , Agios Pavlos, Agiofaraggo, Kserokambos, Kedrodasos, Aspri Limni. (Balos bay or Elafonisi beach are best for an off-season elopement because they are too busy during the summer.) If you want to be in the mountains, check out Lefka Ori, Psiloritis, Adadena gorge, or Kapetaniana village. The ancient basilica is beautiful, and Crete is also covered with many private olive groves (it’s not difficult to get permission from the owners!)  The possibilities are endless on this island!


The details: when to go

If eloping in Greece is your dream, you may be wondering the best time of year to set a wedding date. While Greek summers are both warm and beautiful, I am a big fan of traveling in the shoulder season when temperatures are cooler, tourists are more scarce, and prices are less. Spring and fall are ideal times for your Greek elopement. Winter can be too cold and can even snow!

Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Greece

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