Christmas Wedding in New York

I feel so lucky to adventure with you all and be a part of your love story. I can’t believe it’s my job. I have to pinch myself sometimes because of all of the amazing people I meet and how meaningful the photos from our sessions are.

This wedding was so beautiful and the love story between Rachael and Quentin was so sweet. Quentin is in the military, so everything they go through together is a soft spot for me, my husband being in the military as well. I am so glad to now call them both friends and have these beautiful photos to remember their special day by.

 Below he had no idea she was going to be crowning him during the reception (an inside joke between the two of them). It was so cute and funny, his facial reactions were PRICELESS! I love it when couples incorporate a few unique and special things in their day.

Another prime example is that your wedding is your own… Rachael, Quinton, and I spoke about doing a first look and they decided they wanted to see each other down the aisle for the first time. Last second, the day of, we talked and they decided to do a first touch instead of a first look. It was adorable and such a unique twist on the first-look tradition. He was blindfolded and of course decided to make it a funny event, stumbling around with her trying to guide him.

A Few Couple’s Portraits

The snow was LOVING US THIS DAY! We got so lucky we were so excited! The flakes of snow were so big and soft. They made for beautiful snow shots outside, even if it WAS a bit cold to stand through! I did my best to keep them moving as much as possible!

Some details from the day!

Rachael picked out the most beautiful Christmas colors and Alchemy Blooms Floral Design did an amazing job bringing those colors to life!

MORE SNOW PICTURES! Everything about this wedding made me fall more and more in love with holiday weddings.

I hope you enjoyed some of these sneak peeks!

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